Advice For Future DS106 Students

Dear you,

You probably think this blog/ds106 thing is pretty cool, don’t you? You can see the daily photo assignments, the cool visual assignments, like the media player poem and the five card flickr story, the audio/radio assignments, and the album reviews. It’s pretty awesome. We have so much room to be creative and do what we want instead of what the professors prescribe.  All of this blog stuff probably looks pretty awesome.  You think you’re up for it?

Well, here’s a little warning: this class is a lot more work than you might expect.  If you take the online section, (like I did) you will have to comment on other blogs in your class often, which is pretty time consuming.  While you don’t meet for class, you still have to keep up with all the assignment deadlines.  Although Jim Groom gives pretty good tutorials for the assignments, you have to figure out a lot of stuff on your own.  It’s a lot of trial and error.  There will be times where you think you have too much ds106 work to do along with the rest of your workload.  This class is fun, but very time intensive.

Overall, this is a great class that you should take.  Just don’t expect to get by without doing anything.  Jim Groom is serious.  Good luck!




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