The Fame Monster (Lady Gaga)

Album Rating:  7.5/10

Bad Romance: This is probably the most popular Gaga song ever.  I wonder why when the majority of the lyrics are “Ra ra ah ah ah.”  However, it seems that almost everybody, old and young, can enjoy this song.  I do enjoy listening to this song, but I have to say, I don’t think this song really shows off Gaga’s talent.  I think that the “Ra ra’s” ruin the song for me; especially because that is the part that always gets stuck in my head.  This song is fun, but doesn’t really hit me until shortly after the bridge.  I love that she adds the french in there:

Je veux ton amour
Et je veux ta revanche
Je veux ton amour
I don’t wanna be friends

Then, the song really picks up as she belts out the chorus.  Overall, this song is fun and enjoyable, but I expect more from Lady Gaga. 7/10

Alejandro: This song starts off with a beautiful violin intro that sets the mood.  Then, Gaga comes in with a strange spanish or italian accent that I used to hate because I thought it sounded dumb and out of place.  Now, I think it fits with the song.  Then, an awesome beat comes in.  It reminds me of Ace of Base’s “Don’t Turn Around.”  This song is one of my favorites off the album because it’s so catchy.  8.5/10

Monster: This song is much better than I used to give it credit for.  This song talks about a particular boy (although I’m sure it could be generalized) that is so evil that Gaga sees him as a monster.  The way Gaga refers to him as a monster is almost cartoon-like.  “He ate my heart and then he ate my brain.”  Also the autotuned harmonies on “He ate my heart out” and the autotuned melody on the bridge are so great.  Then she shows her voice in the “Oh’s” behind the last chorus.  This is a really good song that I’ll have to listen to some more.  8/10

Speechless: This is my favorite song from the album.  Maybe it is because it is unlike all the others on the album.  The intro reminds me of some Beatles song, then she bursts into a piano ballad that really shows her voice.  Although I love Gaga and this album, I’d have to say that her best work is when she just sits at the piano and belts out the melody.  Check out “Captivated” by Stefani Germanotta (before she became known as Lady Gaga).  Overall, this song is incredible and it shows how many different genres Gaga can cross flawlessly.  9/10

Dance in the Dark: This is a great dance song about a girl who’ll only dance in the dark.  This is another song by Gaga that tell us to find ourselves and not be afraid of what others think.  This is trademark Gaga and she makes another great song here.  8/10

Telephone: This is probably the most fun song on the album.  The beat is very positive and catchy.  If you like this song, please check out this awesome acoustic cover!  There are so many references to telephones in this song lyrically and sound clips as well.  The Beyonce part seems to come out of nowhere, but it fits pretty well.  I especially like that it sounds like Beyonce has a lisp when she says “fathster.”  Very fun song, but the video is strange.  8/10

So Happy I Could Die: This is one of my least favorite songs on the album.  It is very generic and doesn’t show Gaga’s talent or her genius.  I also believe that the chorus sounds a lot like “Pocketful of Sunshine“and it makes me laugh.  This is a decent song, but it could be better. 5/10

Teeth: On the surface, this song is kind of disgusting.  It is about giving into the pure carnal instinct of sex and takes it to gross extremes (“bad girl meat”).  But then I watched a short clip of an interview that gave me another perspective.  Gaga claims that this song shows how people can hide behind sex and physical intimacy rather than getting to know the real person or the truth.  The style of this song is quite different from the rest of the album, which I like. 7/10

I don’t think that Lady Gaga is really one to shape her songs around an album, which makes it hard to review.  Considering she’s released at least 15 singles and 10 of which made it on Billboard’s top ten, I’d say she develops her music around songs and ideas rather than a physical album.  However, she is a great musician and I’m looking forward to Born This Way.


One thought on “The Fame Monster (Lady Gaga)

  1. Good review! I had no idea that was the significance of “Teeth”. Knowing Lady Gaga, I should have known better than just to take the lyrics for face value (a pop artist challenging us to actually think/interpret lyrics?!-shocking). I feel like I more or less agree with the number ratings for each song, except I would have ranked speechless lower (it’s a good song, but I’d honestly categorize it with the uninteresting, genericness of “So Happy I Could Die” before I’d rank it above the originality of “Bad Romance”. I also personally see an underlying expressive theme in the Fame Monster Album. Though I’d agree that there seems to be no stylistic musical theme (and if there is one, the 80’s/dance/industrial sounds of all the songs except Teeth/Speechless). Instead, I would argue that the overall ideological theme, and the intent of the album, is found in all of the songs on the Fame Monster, which is an expression of insecurities and dark emotions associated with Fame. If “The Fame” (her first album) was supposed to be the lighter, satirical, mockingly celebratory representation of celebrity, then “The Fame Monster” is juxtaposed as a darker, contradicting interpretation.

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