Mashup (Finding Jaws)

For my mashup, I decided that I was going to take two trailers and mash them together.  My first thoughts were to take the visual from a scary movie, like Paranormal Activity, and the audio from a romantic comedy or kids’ movie.  After a lot of manipulation, I decided to change it around.  I chose Finding Nemo for my visual and the sound is from Jaws.  The links for the audio and visual are here: Finding Nemo and Jaws.  Enjoy!!


“We’re gonna need a bigger butt.”


3 thoughts on “Mashup (Finding Jaws)

  1. This is a really cool idea, I like the scenes you used from Finding Nemo. The music was a good selection also, so good job on this assignment.

  2. This is great stuff, and to think you did it for a pickup assignment? Amazing. I would just recommend you make it a bit shorter. 2 minutes runs long for this one, I think you could nail it in one minute.

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