Sound Effect Story

Here is my sound effect story!  Post a comment describing how you interpret the story! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Sound Effect Story

  1. Here is my guess: It is a busy street in New York City. Two cars crash into each other, and then you hear the emergency vehicles coming. They drive a person, hurt by the crash, to the hospital. At the hospital, the person’s heart beat is fading and the person might die. Then, you can hear the heart monitors going crazy because the person is dead, but WAIT… it is actually the person’s alarm clock. Everything was just a dream.

    How did I do?

  2. Well, this is a pretty cool story. I can see where Jessica’s interpretation could come in, but I’ve got another twist that I thought of when listening to it. The person was at a party or some place with a lot of people and left late at night while it was raining and crashed. Then you hear the machines at the hospital and the person dies…. Then you hear the alarm clock and the nightmare is over.

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