Web 2.0

These articles brought up some very interesting ideas.  The idea that the web is becoming less about publishing and more about participating is awesome.  I think this is shown best with the examples of bittorrent  and napster.  O’ Reilly claimed that these services get better as more people use them, that downloaders become the servers rather than the company posting a server or a database of files for us to discover.

This is a lot like the idea of blogging and digital storytelling.  We are not in a class that is given some websites to read and think about.  No, we are a class that is given webspace where we can create stories, share them, and participate in others’ stories.  The stories develop as we participate in the platform.  This is made easy by the RSS subscribing feature.  This makes us co-developers, much like the idea with Little Big Planet.  I will be interested to see how a program such as itunes could use this feature.  Here at UMW, we have the ability to listen to others’ shared playlists, but the capabilities to download them are not there.  This is primarily due to copyright laws, but I’d be interested to see where the music industry goes with the progress of web 2.0.

After reading the article on web 2.0 storytelling, I am very excited about this new use of the web.  The idea that stories, fictional or nonfictional, can be written and shared (valuing users/subscribers as co-authors) is extremely exciting.  After reading some of Zombie Attack and Book Two, this concept is blowing my mind.  It is much like a group of musicians gathering together to create a song.  Each member brings their own creative ideas, adding to one another, refining the sound, mood, and lyrics until they build a beautiful song.  Except, with this taking place on the web in a blog, users could use music, video, websites, text, etc to create an ongoing story with no end, where characters can really be portrayed as we create them.  This creation of a story is using the free exchange of knowledge that the Creative Commons article refers to.

Overall, I am very excited to see what kind of story this world can come up with.  Hopefully I can begin to facilitate this by using the site to do this.  I can’t wait to see what we all could put together.


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