This Class Just Got A Whole Lot…

If I may be completely honest, I used to think this class would be lame.  I thought it would be annoying to have to read other people’s blogs and then write responses to people I don’t know.  I thought $6.99 a month was a rip off and a 48 minute video was a waste of time.

I used to think that.

Then I realized, this class isn’t about stupid assignments and irrelevant reading.  This class is about making a creative representation of myself in my own personal cyberinfrastructure.  I get to gradually post myself, creating my identity as I know it.  Yeah, this class just got a whole lot better!

Campbell claims that using the internet as our own personal cyberinfrastructure can help us to be open to the world, each other, and ourselves.  After taking sometime to digest this, I find it to be oddly true.  I am making myself open to the world in the sense that people I have never met can see and read my blog and slowly begin to know me without even speaking a word.  This thought, though incredible, is frightening.  I believe it is frightening to me because it makes me feel vulnerable, the very thing Campbell wants us to let go of.  He claims that when we talk about our vulnerabilities, that that is where the learning happens.  I agree with this idea.  It’s kind of like learning from our mistakes, but mutually.  Campbell goes on to say that teachers should talk about their vulnerabilities too, creating a level learning ground where we are all students of one another.  This idea is mind blowing as a form of education.  I have always dreaded tests, notes, lectures, studying, etc.; instead, I have always wished classes could be more like labs, where we don’t read from the books, but rather dive into the process and learn from our mistakes.  For example, instead of reading about the anatomy of a fetal pig, or following a manual, why don’t professors just give us the scalpel and scissors and let us figure everything out on our own?

Campbell also references the video game, Little Big Planet, and tells about the ability you have to create your own levels and share them with others.  I believe this is a great idea because it allows us (the students of the game, if you will) to become creators.  This process not only teaches us how the levels are made, but gives us the opportunity to make the creation our own.  This is a lot like what I find interesting about the idea of a personal cyberinfrastructure.  Campbell compared creating our cyberinfrastructure to decorating our lockers or doodling on notebooks, which I love to do.  If I get a new computer, the first thing I will do is customize.  I will make the desktop, internet explorer, music player, etc. into my own creation.  This gets me very excited to start customizing my site and making it more than the product of an assignment.

I hope to get on this site more throughout the semester to post and comment and recustomize as I see fit.  Hopefully, by the end of the semester, you will be able to say you know me, or will you know the me I see myself to be, or maybe you will only know the me I wish to reveal.  I guess that’s the beauty of it, you will know what I want you to know… nothing more… nothing less…


One thought on “This Class Just Got A Whole Lot…

  1. At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of this class. I had already understood how to create a cyber infrastructure, but in my own ways. I realized this class will help me refine that identity and help me express myself through more methods.

    I think it’s awesome that you see it as something positive and are willing to embrace it!

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