Blasphemy, Brand Disloyalty, or Product Placement?

Now I’m not usually one for melodrama,

but the intense pounding of my heart suggested otherwise.

The anticipation of the sweet occasion panged within my chest.

No eye has seen nor ear heard what is in store for those who wait.

More miraculous than man made, the mechanical marvel makes my mind melt.

This glimmering glimpse of perfection makes love at first sight seem like child’s play.

This eternal salivation for redeeming taste leaves you sweetly satisfied.

If perfection required accompaniment, it would come in a glass, whole, white, and pure.

Words can’t describe the ecstasy,

nor can pictures describe the thousand words I could attempt to use.


You must see its flawless beauty, its unrelenting bliss, and its undeniable goodness.

You must go

and never look back.

Mmm Do(ugh)nuts


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